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December 21st, 2012

Check in 13th Baktun

I guess my monthly check in is turning into a every other month or less type. I continue to keep up my nerdy journal somewhat and have already made my post about today's doomsday silliness: http://lolqqmoar.livejournal.com/23579.html

Otherwise, I graduated and I still have not been writing prose. I am writing though, out of necessity and because I like to journal and write down ideas and such regardless. I'm still working with the idea of doing a comic. I have two different main ideas, but working with comics makes one realize how much work stories actually are. Every character has to have an appearance, name and relevance to the story and there must be characters where characters are needed. I took this for-granted when I wrote and I have more respect now for the people who know how to use characterization really well and the word smiths. 

I've looked at many comic guides and studied their layouts, trying to understand the feel and idea they're trying to get across working with space, angles and appearance. All of these pieces have cousins in writing. All forms of story telling have a cultural tone and an aesthetic one as well. There's a certain aesthetic westerners like and one that's more eastern and/or otherwise. In literature there's an older aesthetic and culture to understand that I find fascinating and I enjoy it when people use modern word aesthetics with the knowledge of the old. It's easy to take the finer details for-granted when one has the ability to write or to draw. Some people have more cultural sensitivity, though they are not typically aware of it. There's the talent that understands the form, but there's also the talent that understand the underlining values and storytelling styles of culture.

My father is a better storyteller than I am. I have trouble putting events in order and disclosing the important information people need. My dad seems to instinctively know how to tell stories, his mind works in a more linear fashion (he's a mechanic.) My mind works in a contextual fashion, it grabs pieces that are relevant to something, but that something is not necessarily in the right place. I probably organized my last essay in five different ways and ended up rearranging it in the last hour - it was a mess. When I'm writing by hand I'll skip words and then go back and fill them in. My mind will realize it and I'll write the previous needed word after the word I wrote, so I go back and forth, like I'm weaving. I do that when I type too and I won't notice for a long time. It's irritating and why I'm better off writing less.

Pictures are only easier for me in that looking at a picture I can usually tell if something important is missing. The stories may still be jagged and have fill-in-the gap moments. I feel like it's a lot more work to draw characters, props, backgrounds (though I like drawing backgrounds) and scenes - which may go to show how much focused effort I was actually putting into writing prose. I had a lot of ideas and every idea seemed as available as the last, it doesn't seem so with drawing. I have two major story line ideas and I'm pretty much settled on one simply because I have a much better idea of backgrounds, characters and story line (and much more of it drawn out.) I just began to work on the characters reference sheets, I got one done last night after 2-3 hours (actually it isn't colored...)   

As much as I enjoy it, I'm aware it's a hobby and I need to make money at a real job. I'm looking to get into tech and we have IBM and HP up here, so there are jobs, but I'm not sure what I actually qualify for. For the time being I'm going through my school's career finding program. 

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