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Icon: One Fine Day Sirial

I decided to switch out avatars. This time I chose to go with one of Nanai and Guru from the manhwa One Fine Day. It's currently running in Yen Plus. I don't have a subscription yet. I've been buying it in the store when I see it.

Yen Plus is an interesting magazine. It contains American and Korean Manhwa as well as Manga. I would usually call American Manga Amerimanga, since that tends to be the influence on the American artists. However, our way of doing comics has more in common with Manhwa. The Amerimanga is run with Manhwa in Plus Yen, because the formats are the same for Korean and English.

It's cool that Yen+ is taking the challenge of mixing different comics into a single magazine. I think from some otaku that would seem like a risky move. There are those "purists" who believe Manga is only Japanese and don't want to see it mixed with Manhwa and especially don't want to see Amerimanga.

Other than Maximum Ride, I really don't care for any of the other American comics. I like a couple of the stories in there. I've been kind of following Jack Frost and Black Butler looks kind of interesting, as does Raiders. They also have NabariNoOu, but I can't seem to get into that one. The others didn't really interest me that much. Some I skip, others I kind of skim.

The one manhwa I buy the magazine for is One Fine Day. In the midst of all the action, gore, drama, etc you'd expect, there's this one little trinket of innocents. One Fine Day is a cute, innocent and simple, whimsical and magical story of these animals. They tend to appear as a little catboy, dogboy and a mousegirl. I think that's through some magic on their owner's part. Most of the stories are independent episodes, so you don't really miss anything. From the average intensity in comics, it's a nice break.

The art is somewhat simple, but it's cute and plays its part well. The style matches the story.

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