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15 May
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Currently, I'm a senior in college. My major is a Liberal Arts, also known as a General studies degree. It allows me to take any upper division courses in the humanities. Liberal Arts degrees usually have a large focus on writing and mine hasn't been too much of an exception, but I've been able to explore many different topics thanks to the flexibly I've found with a Lib. Arts.

When it comes to writing I've done composition focused on elements of discussion and argument ( the story of writing one might expect to find in social science writing and mainstream magazines). I've taken journalism and technical communications classes that have mostly focused on the different formats in formal and casual writing contexts and I've also done creative writing. Each has proven to be a different animal and along with argument, discussion and literary theories, I've taken classes in the social sciences (psychology and sociology, sociology being my preferred but I'll have more psychology when I'm done) and philosophy. In the more concrete sciences I've taken geology, environmental biology, and anatomy.

My minor has focused on a completely different area. The name of the minor is long and always in need of explanation, but, simply put, it's a "web-stuff" minor. It's also about learning to use industry standard software, some programming (apparently, my beginning Java class is more difficult than some of the 200 levels) and technical communications.

I have a large variety of interesting that I believe my college career has reflected. I'm particularly interested in writing - all sorts of writing. In the past I've been a avid fan of NaNoWriMo and JulNoWriMo. I've official won one NaNoWriMo and one JulNoWriMo. It's not that difficult for me to pump out words; quality control and shortening tend to be my Achilles heel in my own writing.

I believe understanding writing and creating good rhetoric or narrative relies on exposure. I love to read and I've learned the most about intuitive quality from reading. I have a passion for stories and the many forms they take in society.